Fashion Illustration 101

Class is non-refundable

Learn the Basics of Fashion Illustration

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to sharpen your skills, this masterclass taught by Rongrong DeVoe will teach you the tips and techniques you need to create your own fashion illustrations!

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to draw and color a basic fashion illustration with markers.

Your forty-five minute workshop will cover:

The basic art materials you need to complete a fashion sketch

Where to find inspiration and how to create a mood-board

Step-by-step instruction for drawing a fashion figure

The do’s-and-don’ts of coloring your illustration with markers

How to add details for a polished piece

Plus, critical advice to help you improve your skills after the workshop

BONUS: You’ll also receive a class PDF with practice guides and helpful resources.

What Students are Saying

"I loved Rongrong's tips on approaching illustration as a story. It has helped me in planning out my art intentionally. Love all her work, she is so inspirational."

- Olivia L. Polk

"Ohhh my gosh. I love spending my downtime on sketching a body now! Can’t explain how happy I am finding this class on a whim! She is talented, to the point, and inspirational!" 

-Rosemary Brunin 

"For me the class was much [more] helpful than I felt it will be. I started to draw fashion sketches about a year ago but not as properly as I could. ... And then I came across with Rongrong's class and I said yes, it came in the perfect moment.

"First of all my plan was to draw more faces as well because until that time my dolls were even faceless. ... Furthermore in the video her girl wore sunglasses that I was also always thinking how to color them to be transparent and that much realistic. I also had some problems with making the hair perfectly shadowed but she also showed it. Moreover, after drawing the whole body one of the biggest help was for me that I know now where to make shadows usually.

"But what was a really huge plus for me is the inspiration. ... The class gave me a strong and perfect base for moving towards to higher projects.

- Outsider Style

Are you ready to start sketching?

Learning fashion illustration doesn't have to be overwhelming! Download Fashion Illustration 101 today to get the inspiration and information you need to take your next steps! 

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