The Business of Fashion Illustration Class

Learn how to build a career as a successful fashion illustrator

Navigating your art career can be overwhelming. You’re probably asking yourself questions like:  Where do I sell my work? How do I price my art? How do I find clients for commission projects? And how do I grow my social media audiences?

I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m here to help! In this course, we’ll explore the six major income streams you can pursue to make money with your art.

I will share my hard-earned knowledge and insights about finding the best platforms to sell your work, landing custom commission clients, creating products with your art, getting started with art licensing, and much more!

You will walk away with a deep understanding of how artists make money and get inspired to take the next steps in monetizing your work.

I work as a fashion illustrator but I believe the knowledge of this course can apply to all creative professionals, no matter you are an illustrator, artist, photographer, calligrapher, etc. 

Your sixty-minute workshop will cover:

  • Selling your art and products online
  • Developing wholesale/consigment relationship with boutiques.
  • Selling your work in-person at trade shows, art fairs and trunk shows
  • Licensing your artwork
  • Landing freelance and custom clients
  • Live sketching at events/parties
  • And critical do’s and don'ts for professional artists
  • BONUS: A PDF file with my top recommendations for printing, outsource production, and inspiration

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What Students Are Saying:

“I took your fashion illustration business course. Even though I am a seasoned illustrator, your class course gave me great insight. I loved it! Thank you for providing your personal tips and information, It’s a great motivator and very useful.” - Mayda Madrid
“I took your business class. It’s very useful information for those who are preparing to be a fashion illustration. I think that you gave a lot of your secret info. Thank you so much. You’re amazing!!” - sunidraws
“The course was definitely helpful. I learned SO much about the many options out there for aspiring fashion illustrators. Much of the information in this course would be difficult to find anywhere else on the internet. So I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to know the ins and outs of the industry before jumping in.! I felt like It was a great investment for my future! Thank you Rongrong for putting this course out!” - Johanna Salgado
Class is non-refundable.