2022 Goal Setting Workshop

This month, we had a super fun and valuable workshop about Goal Setting. This workshop is lead by Katie Shea from The Planner Channel. In this workshop, we talked about:

1. Create goals in different areas of your life
2. Break the goals down into manageable, actionable pieces
3. Track your goals on a montly, weekly and daily basis
4. Reward yourself with small wins
5. If you don't meet your deadlines, adjust them so that they are more realistic and achievable

Katie shared her special goal setting method called " P . L . A . N " 

P stands for Priorities, L stands for Lists, A stands for Assignments, N stands for Notes. Watch this workshop to see how she breaks her goal down on to our " I can & I will " planner and daily insert.

Let us know below if you got big goals in 2022 and ready to make IT happen!



  • Rongrong DeVoe

    Thank you so much Michelle for your kind words! I appreciate your support!

  • Michelle Durham

    This planner and stickers are awesome thank you for allowing me too explore who I am in such detail an fun. It helps me to recognize my strengths. You have created something that is very uplifting. Thank you so much an I look forward to your work shops

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