Do you take a personal custom order? 

Thank you for the interest! Due to our current schedule, custom order is not available.  

This is a gift! Can you exclude pricing and send a gift note with my order? 

Yes, we can add gift notes to your order. Pricing information is always excluded from order receipts, so your recipient will not see the price. 

Do you work with brands? 

If your brand or company is looking to partner with Rongrong, please stop by www.rongrongdevoe.com to know more services that Rongrong offers or simply email rongrongdevoe@gmail.com.

What art materials do you work with? 

Depends on the subject, I usually use watercolor, acrylic paints, and Copic markers.

Can I purchase a digital file? 

No digital files are not available at this time. If you are interested to license Rongrong's work for invitation, events, onto products etc, please email rongrongdevoe@gmail.com.

I'm in Houston, TX! Can I meet and pick up? 

You can pick up original art and art prints in person, however other items will need to ship to you.

How can I hire you to live sketch at my events and parties?

Please feel free visit at 

http://www.rongrongdevoe.com/live-sketching-service/ for more information. 

Do you teach people how to draw fashion illustration? 

Yes, you can learn more about Rongrong's online workshops, please visit www.rongrongdevoe.com/online-class