Birthday Collection - All Things Seasonal (Sticker packs, washi tapes, coloring book)

My birthday was September 1st and there is no better way to spend it than with a new collection and celebrating with all of you! 🥳

If you love all things seasonal - stick around for a walk through of my Birthday Collection also known as the Seasonal Collection! 🐇🐬🎃☃️

This collection includes 4 seasonal sticker packs, 4 washi tape sets, and a physical coloring book! Watch the video to see the walk through of the collection and keep reading overview of everything! 🌿

The Rongrong Fashion Girl Coloring Book (available in physical and digital)
  • 20 black and white pages of my favorite fashion illustrations
  • Perfect for some self care, a family activity, or to help improve your drawing
  • No bleed paper 
  • Drawings of everyday life, some seasonal images, travel, friends, motivation, and more!
The Washi Tape Sets
  • Two per season (Spring Bloom, Summer Fun, Hello Fall, Winterland)
  • 1 of my fashion girls and 1 of seasonal elements
  • Rose gold foil added in the background for a bit of luxury
Sticker Packs
  • 12 sheets (upgraded from the 8 sheet packs in my last collection). This is made up of 4 pages of seasonal elements, 6 pages of fashion girls, and 2 pages of paper stickers for practical planner use.
  • Different hair and skin tones for diversity which is one of my brand's values!
  • I wanted to make sure you had enough stickers to last you through the season!
Some Spring Bloom Sticker Pack Standouts: 
  • puppies, florals, cute bikes, St. Patrick's day girl, polka dot outfits, and the lemon girl
Some Summer Fun Sticker Pack Standouts:
  • pineapple, ice cream, cacti, palm leaf romper, summer hat girls, and the rose in the USA shirt
Some Hello Fall Sticker Pack Standouts: 
  • apple picking, halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, leopard print boots, fallen leaves, and a plaid scarf look
Some Winterland Sticker Pack Standouts: 
  • skiing, christmas looks, holly, hot chocolate, ice skates, sweaters, and christmas trees 

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