How I make my art into planners and stickers

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Most people don’t realize that turning your art into sticker books is a long process! First, I chose a topic that comes from my list of fan requests and my own interests. Then create a mood board and pick out a color palette for the topic chosen. This part is important to get the whole idea and theme cohesive in my head before drawing. Next, I have to decide what to draw for this collection to embody the vibe of the mood board. That involves picking out items, poses, hairstyles, and outfits that fit the topic of the collection.

Finally, it’s the fun part! I spend about 7-10 days creating 20-30 pieces of art! I have entire days devoted to deep focus drawing time. It’s a whole collection shrunk down into stickers, so it can be an intense part of the process

After drawing, I spend the next few days scanning my art and changing color combos on procreate. That takes about 3-4 days. Everything then is handed over to my graphic designer so she can put them into a book. That takes about 10 days. The stickers are finally sent to my factory to produce, which takes 60 days. After production they and all the new are sent to my warehouse where they ship from. The whole thing takes around 80 days! And at the end of the 80 days, the marketing and social media campaigns start which is a whole other process!

My creation process from idea to physical product has gotten better and more efficient each time I create a new sticker book! If you are ever trying to make your own products from your art - I teach about how to do it in my class here and my advice is to not give up! It takes time to learn what process works best for you.


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  • Jody Bower

    What an amazing process RongRong! You are just so talented. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Gina

    Absolutely wonderful and detailed work. I love the stickers and planners.

  • Magali Caraballo

    Wow!! Very impressive. It’s a lot of work and plenty of an artistic process goes into the finalization of the product. I love that I found Rongrong.

  • Melissa Jones

    This was interesting and looks like a lot of work. I’m so happy to be someone who benefits from your artistic creativeness.

  • Sandi Milano

    That’s so very incredible! I love artistic people and where their creativity takes them!

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