How to use Digital Stickers - Both Digitally and Physically

how to use digital stickers

Have you been curious about digital stickers but aren't sure where to start? I have two videos to help you with this! The first one is how to use digital stickers virtually, and the second one is how to print and cut the digital stickers at home!

In my new video, I show you how to use digital stickers in Goodnotes! It's such a good way to add some fun and creativity to your digital daily planner.

*You can find all of the stickers used in this video in my shop and even grab a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD sticker sheet (22 digital stickers) while you're there.

Whether you're a student, professional, or just love to organize, digital planner stickers are a great way to spice up your note-taking.

If you are a digital planner and want to learn about digital stickers, watch the video below!

Now, if you want to know how to print your digital stickers at home I have a video for that also! 

Michelle from Plan On It made an awesome tutorial on how to print and cut Rongrong digital planner stickers on your Cricut! This is such a helpful video! She walks you through each step and supplies you would need to print and cut your planner stickers from the comfort of your own home!

Nearly all of my physical sticker books are available to purchase as digital downloads!

No matter if you are a digital planner or like to DIY stickers at home, you will have lot of choices within my Digital Sticker Book collection

Digital stickers are such a versatile crafting option! Some ideas that are more outside the box for digital sticker use - dashboards, planner covers, party invites, greeting cards and more! The fact that when you purchase them digitally you can use the stickers online or in real life is like getting two sticker books full of gorgeous art .... for the price of one!

Share any other ideas you have for how you could use digital stickers in the comments!


Don't forget to share how you use your Rongrong stickers online! Tag Rongrong and let the world see how you plan!

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