My BIGGEST Launch of the Year - The Adventurous Collection

I am so excited to share with you all a run down (and flip through) of my biggest launch of the year! The Adventurous Collection is all about being bold and unafraid in life. From following your wanderlust and traveling the world, to branching out in your style this collection is sure to bring some excitement to your planning!

Watch the video above for my full explanations and flip through of the products, or read on to learn what is dropping November 16th at 8pm CT for the waitlist (Sign up here -> and November 17th at 11am CT for the general public!

First off we have the travel inspired products! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and really inspires a lot of my art so I decided to make several "wanderlust" products! 

The 2023 Wanderlust Calendar is perfect if you love travel or colorful destinations. It features art of 12 of my favorite places around the world. 

The Wanderlust sticker book puts a travel spin on the ever popular planner stickers, with 25 pages to decorate and inspire you for a new vacation!

There is also the Wanderlust postcard book, which features my travel art on postcards. Frame them, turn them into a gallery wall, send them, or even use them to journal! The options are endless. 

Next, I am coming out with a TON of planner covers! These fit my Undated I Can & I Will Planner and are perfect to give it an upgrade for the new year. From Mom Life, to Self Care, to Breakfast at Tiffanys and more - there are so many options of new covers!

Another part of this collection I am so excited about is the Big Fashion sticker book (and planner cover). These were created in collaboration with Minjee Kang, a Korean fashion illustrator who I have looked up to for ages. We are bringing the world of high fashion to the planner community with this sticker book and planner cover. 

In the spirit of adventure, I made a totally new product, my first ever scrabook paper pad! It is so cool seeing my art made into patterns and I hope you all enjoy!

Finally I have drawn so much new art this year inspired by movies and tv, so I am coming out with the Ultimate Die Cut stickers! You get 30 different die cut stickers of a bunch of different movie and tv characters -- Gilmore Girls to Sailor Moon to Princess Leia and more!

Don't forget to sign up for the waitlist and join the drop November 16th at 8pm CT (Sign up here -> or shop November 17th at 11am CT for the general public!


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  • Kim Werner

    I love all the new things coming out. And the dicot stickers will be awesome. Love the new ideas you were coming up with just wondered if you would consider one of my favorite programs is the Bridgerton‘s. On Netflix I believe. So to do a ballroom with Daphne or other characters would be so cool!

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