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Happy spring, my friends! 🌸 I am super excited to share with you our new collection of planner stickers for Spring 2022 and Mother's Day! 😍 I have been so inspired creating these sticker books lately and getting to share them with the awesome planner community just makes my soul soar! 🦋

Mom Life Planner Sticker Book

This has been one of my most highly anticipated sticker books yet! I have wanted to do something special for moms for a while and I love how this came together!

Mom Life Sticker Book by Rongrong DeVoe

Why did I create the Mom Life sticker book?

So much thought was put into this sticker book! It is there to help keep your schedule on track because as a mom it can feel like there are 1000 things to keep track of in your planners. While being practical, these decorative stickers should also get you inspired and help you feel motivated in the day to day ✨ 

Why you need the Mom Life sticker book?

We as moms can get pulled into making sure everyone else's life is on schedule and that your whole family is prepared for anything. Sometimes it feels like we can forget about ourselves! You deserve something specifically for you, moms! Give yourself a shout-out in your own planners. Whether it's extra time for setting up your weekly planner spreads or scheduling some mommy time - it's important to not forget your own self-care!

Who is this sticker book for?

This is the sticker book you didn't even know you needed as a mom. Moms are some of the hardest working people out there and I hope these act as motivational and relatable stickers. 🤩💜 

Use these stickers from the Mom Life planner sticker book to decorate all your notes and planners and keep you inspired to enjoy all the wonderful moments that mom life has to offer. 💖

You know you want to 😉 -> Find the Mom Life planner sticker book here!


Plant Lady Planner Sticker Pack

plant lady sticker pack by rongrong devoe

Celebrate your love of plants and planning with these gorgeous plant lady plant stickers! They will make your daily planner and weekly planner spreads come to life! 🪴🌱🎍

Why did I create the Plant Lady planner sticker pack?

There is just something so lovely about our relationship with plants. Whether you are a certified plant lady or have no green thumb at all - these stickers bring a beautiful touch of green to your notebooks and planners! They will help keep your schedule and inspire you to both take care of your plant babies and yourself! 💖 

Why you need the Plant Lady planner sticker pack?

If you're a lover of plants (and who isn't?), you're going to adore these Plant Lady planner stickers! 🌱 They are perfect for decorating your planners, and adding some greenery into your daily life!

Plants honestly just make your day better, so these plant stickers are here to do the same inside the pages of your planner. 🌷😌

plant lady lifestyle spread

Who is this sticker pack for?

You don't need a green thumb or your own plant nursery to appreciate these whimsical stickers. 🤩 They are for anyone and everyone! 

Use these stickers from the Plant Lady planner sticker pack to turn your notebooks and planners into a jungle! 💖 🌴🌾

Want to see them closer? Find the Plant Lady planner sticker pack here!


Breakfast at Tiffany's Planner Sticker Pack

breakfast at tiffanys

Classic, iconic, influential. Audrey Hepburn's fashion-forward character of Holly Golightly comes to you in these elegant planner stickers inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's! 💎

Why did I create the Breakfast at Tiffany's planner sticker pack?

Breakfast at Tiffany's is such a classic and one of my favorite movies! It is timeless and Audrey Hepburn has been an icon of grace, beauty, and fashion forever!

So many of you told me how much you also loved this movie so it was the perfect excuse to bring this glamorous character to the pages of your planner! ✨

These decorative stickers should get you inspired and help you feel motivated in the day-to-day while also helping you keep on schedule! 📒

Why you need the Breakfast at Tiffany's planner sticker pack?

While your day-to-day might not be as elegant and chic as Audrey Hepburn's, you deserve to treat it that way! Class up the pages of your planner with the freedom-loving spirit and charm of Holly Golightly.

breakfast at tiffanys planner stickers lifestyle spread

Who is this sticker pack for?

This is the sticker book for any die-hard Audrey Hepburn fan, Breakfast at Tiffany's fan, classic movie fan, or anyone who just loves Tiffany blue! If you love fashion, old Hollywood, or anything with a classy feminine flare this is the sticker book for you. 🤍 

Use these stickers from the Breakfast at Tiffany's planner sticker pack to decorate all your notes and planners and keep you inspired to enjoy all the wonderful moments that life has to offer. 💖

You deserve to treat yourself -> Find the Breakfast at Tiffany's planner sticker pack here!


Let me know what you liked from the Spring 2022 collection in the comments!

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