Plan with Me & My "This is My Year Planner" PLUS a fun FREEBIE - IG Live

Today I want to show you my best-selling "This is My Year" Planner and sticker book and how I use it! 
First off - you can find this undated "This is My Year" bundle here:
Let me know if you already own these down in the comments below!
Check out the video below to see a walk through of the planner and my own personal planner! And keep reading to learn about why I love this planner so much and I wish it was existed before! 
So the "This is My Year" Planner is an undated planner, allowing you to start at any month of the year!
Planner Walk Through:
The planner starts out with a "Top Goals of the Year" page that has a spot for your top business, personal, and relationship goals! It has you break down each of those goals into the 5 steps you need to take to make it happen.
On the flip side you get a page for outlining your daily ritual! You get space for morning ritual, evening ritual, gratitude, and affirmations. Revisiting and repeating these often will help you make your dreams come true!
The structure of the planner gives you 12 undated monthly dashboards! Each comes with different illustrations, colors, and fonts to keep it all fun & interesting. Your monthly dashboard page has a spot for you to keep track of books to read, and things to learn to help you keep moving toward your goals! The dashboard also has a space for specific monthly goals and body and soul.
I love the different girls that show up in each section because they feel like girlfriends giving you a boost of confidence that you are on the right track for your goals! They are there with a nudge and affirmations to keep going!
The Weekly Layout is set up vertically with spots to organize your morning, afternoon, and evening. The weekly pages are pretty plain so you can add stickers, your own drawings, and creativity!
The End of the Planner includes:
- Notes page: for you to jot down anything important you want to keep in your planner!
- Sketch pages: for you to draw and doodle!
- Coloring pages: for you to entertain yourself when you are stuck in a boring meeting or want a bit of a creativity break!
- Sticker sheets: some practical ones to label stuff in the planner and some cute ones to enhance your spreads!
- Pocket: In the back for any important bits of paper
Sticker book:
The girls are similar to the planner but it includes way more! You get 400 hand drawn stickers which are all their own pieces of art. Each take around 3-4 hours to make so when you buy a sticker book its is like buying your own personal book of art from Rongrong. The book includes: boxes, clear stickers, functional stickers, and powerful quotes!
It is a great combo with the planner but each can also be used on their own.
Walk through of Rongrongs Planner:
Check out the video to see how I use stickers and plan my days!
I am doing a FREE giveaway of a coloring page featured in the "This is My Year" Planner! 
rongrong fashion illustration coloring page
The coloring page shows a girl drinking coffee which says "BOSS" which we all know the Rongrong Girls are! 
DM Me on Instagram if you have any questions or tag me in your finished coloring pages!

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