This is a live workshop. In this workshop, Kami from Peaceoftheplans taught us how to make a 2022 vision board. You will learn why it is important to create a vision board and how to create one that is make sense! 

We used "I can & I will" discbond planner for the vision board creation. You can pick this premium planner at my shop. 

Why it is important to have a vision board? 

1. Vision board helps you to think about what you really want

2. Vision board will help you to get unstuck and start dreaming

3. Vision board will give you a daily reminder of what your dreams and goals

4. It will ignite you and give you a does of excitement from daily life

5. It is fun! Be like a little girl, start dreaming and visualizing your best life!

Now, grab a pen, planner, some stickers, magazine cut outs, your dreams and goals, let's get it started!


  • Rongrong

    You are very welcome Alma! I am so glad you find they are helpful~ Happy New Year to you too~

  • Alma Garcia

    Thank you for showing me how to do a vision board 😊 I always wanted to make one but I just didn’t know how to start it out. I really liked your ideas👏👍🏻

    Have a safe and Happy New Year 🎊🎈

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