Girlfriends Drinkware Collection is HERE!

Hey my friends,

In an effort to celebrate women and diversity, Rongrong X Certified international is proud to introduce the new "Girlfriends" drinkware collection. We have been hard at work on this project for a whole year. March is Women’s History Month so what better way to showcase all those strong Rongrong girls through our newest line of drinkware? 

The Rongrong girls are fun, confident, caring and love wearing colorful, trendy outfits while conquering the world. This collection is great for birthday, hostess or shower gifts!

They are available at various online retailers below, let me know which ones are your favorite! 







  • Merro

    Language playgrounds ignite minds, build bonds, spark joy. Word games: mental exercise, laughter, connection, growth.

  • Ash

    Step into the whimsical world of Monkey Mart! Manage a lively store, serve amusing customers, and tackle fun-filled puzzles for endless entertainment and rewards

  • jack

    Phrazle is an interactive word game that boosts language skills and offers enjoyable brain-teasing challenges for players.

  • justforlookz

    Just For Lookz Creations can make you your own custom tumbler or you can choose one from our collection. All tumblers have leak proof slide lid keeping drinks hot or cold. We also have the option to purchase a dual lid tumbler that comes with screw on lids. Follow this link

  • A

    What a beautiful collection!

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