Our March live workshop was about learning to make seasonal bucket lists! Content creator and planner babe, Michelle McCollum aka Plan On It, led this workshop creating her spring bucket list! 🌸

In the workshop we focused on appreciating what each time of the year has to offer and living in the moment. ✨ So get ready to make a list of seasonal things you love, some new, some old, and have so much fun to decorating it!

Some tips Michelle gave were: 

- Don't pick too many items for your seasonal list, you want it to be an amount you are more likely to accomplish

- Have fun with the decorating! There are no rules! 

- Plan your list out beforehand so you can find stickers to fit your plans!


I hope you enjoy the replay of our live plan with me, and had a great time creating your spring bucket list! Share them with Michelle and I on Instagram by tagging @plan_on_it and @rongrong_devoe_illustration 😊

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